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Advanced Skills Induction Resource

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The foundation of the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate is based on the
essentialness of developing the skills of young people in Wales, in order to
compete in an international market. Therefore, skills development along
with knowledge acquisition is essential. The Advanced Welsh
Baccalaureate must attempt to equip learners with relevant theory in
conjunction with opportunities for experiential learning. It is only with
experiential learning that young people will be able to develop their skills
through a process of planning, doing and reflecting. It is also vital to ensure
that each learner leaves Advanced level education with a minimum
competency at level 3 in all 7 skills whilst recognition is given to those who
possess more advanced skills sets.

It is anticipated that this Advanced Skills Induction Resource would be
used in the first half term of learners Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate
course and that it could last 30 hours (or more) depending on the
activities selected.

Sponsored by Welsh Government

Welsh Baccalaureate
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