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Published: 23 October 2013
- Albert Gilbey
- GCaD Cymru
- NGfL Cymru
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The changing role and status of women

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A series of resources to support the teaching of the WJEC Specification B on ‘The changing role and status of women in Wales and England, 1900 to the present day’. The resource has thirteen units focusing on an overview of the main characteristics of change in each area together with a brief revision exercise. Students are given the opportunity to interact with a variety of sources, to discuss developments and to come to their own judgement on the key issues. The resources can be used for starter activities, whole class teaching, individual extension work and revision exercises.

We are grateful to Culture net Cymru and The National Library of Wales for their permission to use a number of images in these resources.  We have endeavored to secure permission for all of the sources contained within the resource.  If you have any concerns regarding any source then please contact us immediately at

The resource at times links to short video clips from ‘You Tube’.  Ensure that you can access these clips before using the resource in the classroom.

Changing roles
The changing nature of women's work and employment
The changing role of women in political life
The changing nature of women at home


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